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42 French learned societies and associations of experts in health fields mobilize against the pressures to denature Nutri-Score and block its deployment in Europe


While a violent attack against Nutri-Score is conducted in France, for several weeks, by the major producers of cheese and processed meat, the AFEF (Société Française d’Hépatologie) and the Société Française de Santé Publique (SFSP) initiated a support letter to defend this essential public health tool. The letter was addressed to the Prime Minister and to the different Ministers in charge of Health, Agriculture and Food, Economy and Finance and European Affairs. This initiative supports a forum signed by more than 1000 french scientists and health professionals (

About the current campaign

The anti-Nutri-Score mobilization of major industrial groups and agricultural sectors has unfortunately found the support of several political figures, in disregard of the major public health challenges that France (as all european countries) is increasingly facing, such as obesity, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes…

42 organisations in the field of Nutrition, Obesity, Public Health, Oncology, Hepatology, Gastro-enterology, Pediatry, … (cf. list below) wish to express their full support to Nutri-Score and alert on the risks a step back in regard to the project of the European Commission’s plan to make mandatory a nutrition logo for all foods by the end of 2022.

About the Nutri-Score

Adopted in 2017, this nutrition logo has a dual objective: to better inform consumers about the nutritional quality of foods and allow them to compare them; to encourage manufacturers to improve the composition of their products. The choice of logo was made by the government on the basis of recognized scientific work. Since 2017, its positive impact has been documented by numerous studies.

The Nutri-Score has proved to be a very useful tool for helping consumers to orient them towards better food choices, thanks to its ease of interpretation which simplifies the reading of the values of food components of different foods. France therefore has a public health tool that, in line with other public health measures, can make it possible to have an effectiveness on the nutritional status and health of citizens.

As France is preparing to hold the Presidency of the Council of the European Union, we must be able to count on our government’s unfailing support in promoting this tool, which has become indispensable for public health, in our country and across the continent.

Signatory organizations

Association Addictions France

Association des épidémiologistes de langue française (ADELF)

Association Française des Diététiciens Nutritionnistes (AFDN)

Association Française pour l’Etude du Foie – Société Française d’Hépatologie (AFEF)

Association Française d’Etude et de Recherche sur l’Obésité (AFERO)

Association Française de Pédiatrie Ambulatoire (AFPA)

Association des médecins inspecteurs et autres médecins de santé publique (AMISP)

Association Nationale des Hépato-gastroentérologues des Hôpitaux généraux (ANGH)

Association Nationale des Sages-Femmes Tabacologues Addictologues Françaises (ANSFTAF)

APPRI Maternité sans tabac

Chaire UNESCO Éducation & Santé

Collège de la Médecine Générale (CMG)

Collège National des Sages-Femmes de France (CNSF)

Conseil National Professionnel d’Hépato-Gastro-Entérologie (CNPHGE)

Club de Réflexion des Cabinets et Groupes d’Hépato-Gastro-Entérologie (CREGG)

EPITER – Association pour le développement de l’épidémiologie de terrain

Fédération Addiction

Fédération Francophone de Cancérologie Digestive (FFCD)

Fédération Nationale d’éducation et de promotion de la santé (FNES)

Fédération Nationale des Pôles et Réseaux Hépatites (FPRH)

FILFOIE – Filière de santé des maladies rares du foie de l’adulte et de l’enfant

Institut Renaudot

France Fer Hémochromatose (FFH), promoteur du programme « Manger bouger pour ma santé »

Réseau Environnement Santé (RES)

Réseau français des Villes-Santé de l’OMS

Sécurité Solaire, Centre collaborateur de l’OMS pour l’éducation solaire

Société Française d’Alcoologie (SFA)

Société Française du Cancer (SFC)

Société Française de Gériatrie et Gérontologie (SFGG)

Société Française de Nutrition (SFN)

Société Française de Santé Publique (SFSP)

Société Francophone du Diabète (SFD)

Société Française Endoscopie Digestive (SFED)

Société Francophone de Nutrition Clinique et Métabolisme (SFNCM)

Société Francophone de Santé et Environnement (SFSE)

Société Francophone des Sciences Pharmaceutiques Officinales (SFSPO)

Société Francophone de Transplantation (SFT)

Société Nationale Française de Gastro-Entérologie (SNFGE)

Société de Pneumologie de Langue Française (SPLF)

URPS Médecins Libéraux Hauts-de-France

Union Française pour la Santé Bucco-Dentaire (UFSBD)