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A  study is 21 times more likely to find unfavourable results about the  nutrition label Nutri-Score if the authors declare a conflict of  interest or the study is funded by the food industry »

43 experts from 16 countries respond to the unfounded criticisms on Nutri-Score raised in a statement published by the Italian government after the broadcast of the RAI3 television channel’s documentary Report “La guerra delle etichette” 

A group of 320 scientists and health professionals released a comprehensive scientific report explaining “Why the European Commission must choose the Nutri-Score nutrition label – a public health tool based on rigorous scientific evidence – as the harmonized mandatory nutrition labelfor Europe”  

Report of the European Scientific Committee in charge of updating the Nutri-Score: changes to the algorithm for beverages 

The European Public Health Association (EUPHA) supports for Nutri-Score adoption in Europe

An investigation by the newspaper « Le Monde » on anti Nutri-Score lobbying: « The battle over Europe’s nutrition label »

Joint letter to the EC from the European Heart Network (EHN), the European Public Health Alliance (EUPHA) and the European Bureau of Consumer Unions (BEUC) on the future front-of-pack nutrition label for Europe

Front-of-pack nutrition labelling schemes: an update of the evidence (a JRC Science for policy report)

Report of the European Scientific Committee in charge of updating the Nutri-Score: changes to the algorithm for solid foods 

Nutri-Score and other health dimensions of foods (ultra-processing, and presence of pesticide residues): how to better inform consumers ?

Why Nutri-Score is computed on the basis of 100g of food and not per serving (as requested by manufacturers) ?

Nutri-Score: even with a sign of quality or origin (PDO, PGI, TGS, Bio, etc.), a fatty, sweet or salty product remains a fatty, sweet or salty product !

Front-of-pack nutritional label Nutri-Score and food-based dietary guidelines: complementarity and synergic objectives

Nutri-Score: science to demystify fake news

Nutri-Score: despite scientific evidence and high public health stakes, lobbying never ends….

Nutri-Score: Yes, the synergy of consumer pressure and scientific data can bend manufacturers… even large multinationals

A recent scientific paper co-signed by 417 academic scientists and more than 30 associations of experts presents the scientific basis that enabled the construction of the Nutri-Score and the various studies that were conducted to validate the method of its calculation and its graphic format.

An IARC Evidence Summary Brief stresses the superiority of the Nutri-Score to other nutrition labels, and calls for its widespread and systematic adoption in Europe

Call from European scientists to implement Nutri-Score in Europe, a simple and transparent front-of-pack food label with rigorous scientific support, intended to guide dietary choices and thus contribute to chronic disease prevention

List of the first signatories of the call supporting the implementation of Nutri-Score in Europe

Scientific text underlying the call of the Group of European scientists supporting the implementation of Nutri-Score in Europe : The Front-of-Pack nutrition label Nutri-Score: a public health tool to improve the nutritional status of the population that is based on rigorous scientific background

A Position Statement of the European Academy of Paediatrics (EAP) and the European Childhood Obesity Group (ECOG) strongly supporting the EU-wide mandatory introduction of the NutriScore (published in Annals of Nutrition and Metabolism)

The ever-continuing battle between public health and economic interests in nutrition: the case of Nutri-Score

Educational presentations on Nutri-Score: general information and responses to fake-news

A new short video: «Nutri-Score a public health tool based on science»

Information on the Italian counter proposal to Nutri-score: the Nutrinform battery system

Is FOP Nutrition Label Nutri-Score Well Understood by Consumers When Comparing the Nutritional Quality of Added Fats, and Does It Negatively Impact the Image of Olive Oil?

A short video to explain the objectives of Nutri-Score and how it works

A survey carried out by UFC-Que Choisir concerning the Nutri-Score of traditional foods

Ability of the front-of-pack nutrition label Nutri-Score to discriminate nutritional quality of food products in 13 European countries and consistency with nutritional recommendations (Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK)

42 French learned societies and associations of experts in health fields mobilize against the pressures to denature Nutri-Score and block its deployment in Europe

Nutri-Score: Yes to constructive scientific debate, No to unfounded and demagogic attacks !

Nutri-Score and Ultra-Processing: two dimensions, complementary and not contradictory

Two short videos developed by Spanish scientists and health actors, subtitled in english: 1) presentation and explanations of the Nutri-Score; 2) for a mandatory Nutri-Score in Europe

Interview with Dr Pilar Galan in Olive Oil Time answering with scientific arguments to criticism and misunderstanding concerning Nutri-Score.

Ability of the front-of-pack nutrition label Nutri-Score to discriminate nutritional quality of food products in 7 European countries (Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, UK, the Netherlands and Sweden) and consistency with nutritional recommendations

No to the political instrumentalization of the Nutri-Score in Italy by Mr Matteo Salvini(1). No to the denial of science and public health!

The Italian government is trying to undermine a WHO report on FOP Nutrition labelling for obvious reasons: typical Italian products don’t come out well!

Misunderstandings and fake news about Nutri-Score. How to try to destabilize a disturbing public health tool…?

To be really effective, Nutri-Score must be displayed on all foods packaging ! In order to ensure all food companies display the label, consumers have the opportunity to pressure the European Commission to change the regulation and make it mandatory, by signing the petition for the PRO-NUTRISCORE European Citizen’s Initiative!

Autopsy of a fake news on Twitter or how the designers of Nutri-Score are falsely accused of supporting a cheese tax instead of a tax on sugar sweetened beverages? Who’s behind it and why?